Take Two!

Charlie's favorite place to lie is very inconvenient!

I think it is high time that I broadened my blogging horizon! 

Places to Go and Things to See has been so much fun to do. I love writing about all the stunning places that I incessantly dream about going to but I have found myself wishing I could tell you more about the other things in my life too. The other things that excite, sadden, inspire, humour, inform and interest me!

So I have decided to re-brand! Places to Go and Things to See is now Bits & Bobs– an all-around, all in all, everyday, everything, bits and bobs blog.

There will still be lots of travel rants, I promise! But you can also expect to see yummy recipes, inspiring quotes, funny pictures, pretty pictures, pictures of my cat, life updates, shopping updates, pictures of my cat, movie reviews, book reviews... did I mention pictures of my cat, Charlie, he's adorable! 

This is going to be so much fun!

Rachel xoxo

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