December Desktop Calendar

Original Image: Ashkey on Flickr

Christmas is here! Can I get a collective "woohoo"!?

My favourite time of year has rolled around again and I couldn't be more excited. I have been blasting the Christmas music for a few weeks, but now that its December I feel like I can take my festive cheer to the next level without being publicly shamed for my "premature" holiday celebrations. To kick off the season I've made a list of the best Christmas movies with a plan to watch as many as possible between now and 25th Dec. But that's a blog post for another day...


Source: The Guardian

Who would have thought that a little animated penguin called Monty could make a person feel so many feels!? But he did. And he made me cry. Like a baby. Allow me to explain...

November Desktop Calendar

Original Image: National Geographic via Wallpaper Lounge

Being sick is the worst, am I right!? I've spent the past week in a dozy state and in bed with a rotten tummy– not fun! That's why this calendar is so late. You can blame that dodgy chicken wrap I ate, not me!

Currently listening to... Years & Years

Image source: DIY
I am obsessed.

Obsessed with a feeling more than anything. That feeling you get when a delicious rhythm invades your body and leaves you dancing uncontrollably and with no care for what anyone thinks of your ridiculous moves... you all know the one, right? ;)

October Desktop Calendar

Photograph by Cotton Coulson.  Original image source 
This month's desktop calendar picture was taken near Verona, Italy a.k.a. the setting for Romeo & Juliet! I can see why Shakespeare chose this part of the world... it looks very romantic.


No filter needed on this beaut. I live in a very pretty country!

One of my best friends recently moved out of our flat and back to her hometown. It feels so weird to go from seeing someone everyday to seeing them on skype every other week or so. I was so used to having someone to bother with all my stupid life problems! So, naturally I am having withdrawals. 

September Desktop Calendar

Original Image Source: David Drazdovskis

I've been reminded lately of how beautiful my country is. I talk ALOT about the places around the world that I want to visit, but I often forget that I live in what is considered by many to be the most beautiful place on Earth! There are so many people that would KILL to be here and experience what is in my own backyard.

August Desktop Calendar

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This street is so quintessentially British, right? I dream of living on a street like this one day. It is so beautifully quaint!

You can download your desktop calendar here.


Sometimes it's all you need...

Image Source: Hello Giggles
Life can be exhausting!

This Confirms It...

Source: Pinterest
Yep... I was definitely born in the wrong era.

July Desktop Calendar

Original Image Source: Wall Save
Warsaw has always been a place I've wanted visit. I remember reading about it at school while studying World War II and thinking what an incredible city it is! After the war, most of Warsaw was pretty much reduced to nothing. When they rebuilt, they decided to paint the new buildings in bright colours so it gave off a happy and vibrant energy– something the locals were in need off at this grim time.

Loving London Grammar

Original image source: Big Life Management

My latest obsession. Her voice is flawless. Their songs are incredible. They are amazing!  

Postcards from Far Away Friends

Who doesn't love receiving letters/postcards in the mail? There's something so special about holding a tangible note in your hands and seeing the words and adorable little drawings handwritten so meticulously.

Although it's easy to understand why it is a dying communication method. In a world where facebook chat, twitter and skype rule the roost, the slow process (and $1 expense!) of actually writing a letter isn't so appealing. 

But that's what makes letters and postcards so special! That little bit of extra effort taken makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside... someone loves me! Hahaha!

Just the other day I received a postcard all the way from PARIS from my friend, Emma (from Daydream Believer). 

Made. My. Day. I just had to instagram it.

Original Image Source: Instagram

I'm thinking of replying with a postcard from Hamilton ha!... what do ya think? ;)

Check out Emma's blog, Daydream Believer . She seems to be having the time of her life living in London. I'm very jealous!


June Desktop Calendar

Original Image Source: Janice's Year In Sunderland

I apologise for the lateness of this post! We're already a quarter of the way into this month and I'm only just managing to post this month's desktop calendar... terrible! It's safe to say that I'm finding the adjustment to full time work difficult (to say the least!). I'm trying to make it my mission to blog more– after all, us working gals need some sort of creative release, right? And it's only taken a few months of not blogging to realise just how much I miss it. So expect some new posts up soon!

May Desktop Calendar

Original image source: The World's Many Wonders

Autumn is well and truly upon us here in New Zealand. The nights are cold and snuggly and the mornings are crisp and bright.

Positivity Can Do Marvellous Things

I'm trying to be positive at the moment. It sounds so simple but sometimes it can be the hardest thing to maintain. Maybe that's why it's so powerful? Because when you have it, and keep it, it can transform you inside out!

... corny. I know ;)

April Desktop Calendar

Original image source: National Geographic

This month's desktop calendar has a distinctly Springy look to it, despite it being Autumn down here in NZ. I just thought it was too pretty to pass up! Besides, I can't forget about those of you in the Northern Hemisphere now can I?

Favorite. Couple. EVER!

I'm in love with this couple. I want to third-wheel their marriage (not in that way.. get your head out of the gutter!). They seem to have the perfect relationship, not to mention amazing voices! #lifegoals 

March Desktop Calendar

Original image source: Living Copenhagen 

Is it just me or does this picture remind you of Mary Poppins?

Only difference is that this is not early 20th century London. It's actually modern day Copenhagen! Look's a bit dreamlike to me.



The Importance of Being Selfless

Source: Pinterest

My generation is often known as the "selfish generation". We tend to think inwardly, choosing to benefit ourselves over others, thinking it will make us happier. Surely if I live to please myself, I will live a satisfying and thus happier life, right? 

February Desktop Calendar

Original image source: HDW

February is upon us. Some might say it's the month of looooove (oooooooooh)!

Girl Crush: Carey Mulligan

Source: Who What Wear

Oh, Carey Mulligan. Why can't I be you? Even for a day?

Cabin Fever

I was on stumbleupon the other day (as you do when you're unemployed with ridiculous amounts of free time on your hands) and came across these pictures on a blog called DC.

Recipe: Perfect Pikelets

My Nana was the best baker I knew. Sunday lunch at her house was sure involve some of her yummy homemade treats. Pikelets were one of her specialties and although I have inherited her recipe I am yet to make them quite as good as her (although they come pretty damn close if I do say so myself!).

Movie Recommendation: About Time

Source: IMDB

Can I make a suggestion? Next time you're feeling sad or low, watch About Time. It will change your whole outlook on life ...or maybe that was just me?

In Need Of A Little Pinspiration?

Swiss Alps, Switzerland (source: Pinterest)

We all have those days when you are feeling a bit rubbish. You had a horrible night's sleep, your terrible eating habits over the holiday break are starting to take their toll and your skin has been breaking out like crazy. You begin to feel like a dazed, bloated, pimply freak. We've all been there.

Happy 2014 + My Little List of Happiness

Original image source: Pinterest

We are now four days into 2014 which means that 2013 is well and truly history. How did that happen?

January Desktop Calendar

Original image source: Nexus Wallpaper

I like lakes. You could say they are my favorite bodies of water. Beaches are much too hectic and I think rivers tend to be a bit dirty– all that muck washing off the banks and into the flowing river don't make for an enjoyable swimming experience! But lakes are peaceful and still. The perfect tone to start the new year on, don't you think?