Happy 2014 + My Little List of Happiness

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We are now four days into 2014 which means that 2013 is well and truly history. How did that happen?

The year 2014 still seems like some far off futuristic year where flying cars, teleportation and holograms exist. And in some ways I still feel like the naive 17-year-old I was way back in 2008. I'm only pretending to be this almost-23-year-old living in the big wide world, trying to pass myself off as a convincing adult.

Time moves so quickly. I feel like I have been continually learning this but I think this time the message may have finally sunk in. With this lesson in mind I have decided that 2014 is going to be all about appreciating and making the most of now. I'm only young once and, now that I am free from the grounding constraints of studying, the world is my oyster!

I've made a little list of the things I want to start doing this year. Not resolutions as such, more like small goals to make life happier and more fun, exciting and memorable. I call it, "My Little List of Happiness"– perfect title, right? Feel free to steal some (or all) for yourself this year. We're all in this together so we might as well make 2014 as wonderful as we possibly can.

My Little List of Happiness:

1. Be more spontaneous

2. Go to more live shows

3. Embrace and hang onto everything positive...

4. ...and let go of all negativity

5. Visit somewhere I've never been but have always wanted to go

6. Meet new/interesting/exciting people

7. Become more sure of myself and my beliefs, actions and abilities

8. Get outside of my comfort zone

9. Go out of my way to be inspired

10. Be nicer to strangers

11. Don't worry so much about the things I can't change...

12. ...but make an effort to change the things I can

13. Don't dwell on what others think of me

14. Read more

15. Learn more

16. Smile more


18. Appreciate the little things

19. Be less selfish

20. Invest more into relationships that matter

21. Say "Yes" more than "No"

22. Listen to more horrible/nostalgic music from my childhood

23. Do things for others for no personal gain

24. Become more comfortable in my own skin

25. Find a way to make my big aspirations a reality and then DO IT! (London is waiting! Eeeeeeeeeeek!)

Hope this gives you some motivation for the new year.
Wishing you all the best 2014 ever!



  1. Oh, the places we will go! It's going to be a fantastic year for us! One step closer to London but still being mindful of the awesome things that are happening here! Love you, Rach. Can't wait for all the exciting things that you are going to be doing this year xx

    1. Thanks Jess! I have a feeling it is going to be a great year! Adventure awaits the both of us!!! xox

  2. I like these resolutions, I hope you do everything you wish to this year!

    Twitter: @berrytrendyblog

    1. Thanks! I just hope I can stick to them!

      You have a lovely blog by the way :)