Movie Recommendation: About Time

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Can I make a suggestion? Next time you're feeling sad or low, watch About Time. It will change your whole outlook on life ...or maybe that was just me?

Coming from writer Richard Curtis, who also wrote Love Actually and Notting Hill, I went into this movie with pretty high expectations. I love the quirky british humour that turned those two films into instant classics so About Time had a lot to live up to.

This movie did not just meet my expectations... it surpassed them by a mile! It's funny but dramatic when it needs to be. It's light hearted but had a moral that tugged on the heartstrings. It's a love story without being corny. Basically, it's the perfect movie.

You quickly fall head over heels for the lead male, Tim Lake (played by Domhnall Gleeson aka Bill Weasley from Harry Potter), who at 21-years-old discovers that he can time travel because of a family gene carried by the males in his family. Instead of pursuing money and power like most people, he decides to use his newfound skill to find love. He soon meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) and the two embark on an wonderful story that (not wanting to get too corny!) left me inspired to live life to its fullest.

But I won't say too much, I don't want to spoil it for you! But I will tell you that my friend and I walked out of the theatre in tears of happiness. We did look a bit nuts but we didn't care because we had witnessed the best movie either of us had seen in a long time! :p

Source: IMDB
Source: IMDB
Source: IMDB

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