Girl Crush: Carey Mulligan

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Oh, Carey Mulligan. Why can't I be you? Even for a day?

Cabin Fever

I was on stumbleupon the other day (as you do when you're unemployed with ridiculous amounts of free time on your hands) and came across these pictures on a blog called DC.

Recipe: Perfect Pikelets

My Nana was the best baker I knew. Sunday lunch at her house was sure involve some of her yummy homemade treats. Pikelets were one of her specialties and although I have inherited her recipe I am yet to make them quite as good as her (although they come pretty damn close if I do say so myself!).

Movie Recommendation: About Time

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Can I make a suggestion? Next time you're feeling sad or low, watch About Time. It will change your whole outlook on life ...or maybe that was just me?

In Need Of A Little Pinspiration?

Swiss Alps, Switzerland (source: Pinterest)

We all have those days when you are feeling a bit rubbish. You had a horrible night's sleep, your terrible eating habits over the holiday break are starting to take their toll and your skin has been breaking out like crazy. You begin to feel like a dazed, bloated, pimply freak. We've all been there.

Happy 2014 + My Little List of Happiness

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We are now four days into 2014 which means that 2013 is well and truly history. How did that happen?

January Desktop Calendar

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I like lakes. You could say they are my favorite bodies of water. Beaches are much too hectic and I think rivers tend to be a bit dirty– all that muck washing off the banks and into the flowing river don't make for an enjoyable swimming experience! But lakes are peaceful and still. The perfect tone to start the new year on, don't you think?