Postcards from Far Away Friends

Who doesn't love receiving letters/postcards in the mail? There's something so special about holding a tangible note in your hands and seeing the words and adorable little drawings handwritten so meticulously.

Although it's easy to understand why it is a dying communication method. In a world where facebook chat, twitter and skype rule the roost, the slow process (and $1 expense!) of actually writing a letter isn't so appealing. 

But that's what makes letters and postcards so special! That little bit of extra effort taken makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside... someone loves me! Hahaha!

Just the other day I received a postcard all the way from PARIS from my friend, Emma (from Daydream Believer). 

Made. My. Day. I just had to instagram it.

Original Image Source: Instagram

I'm thinking of replying with a postcard from Hamilton ha!... what do ya think? ;)

Check out Emma's blog, Daydream Believer . She seems to be having the time of her life living in London. I'm very jealous!



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