No filter needed on this beaut. I live in a very pretty country!

One of my best friends recently moved out of our flat and back to her hometown. It feels so weird to go from seeing someone everyday to seeing them on skype every other week or so. I was so used to having someone to bother with all my stupid life problems! So, naturally I am having withdrawals. 

After a whole THREE WEEKS of separation (I know, life is hard!), we felt it was about time for a reunion. So, I packed up my things at the end of a long working week and drove the 2 hour journey to Taupo for a action packed weekend of tourist adventures, junk food, big belly laughs and snow... GLORIOUS SNOW!

There is nothing quite like a snowy mountain on a crisp winter's day!

Don't mind the hair... it was windy up there! ;)

Looking like a bit of a noob.

Eden, being the supermodel she was born to be.

We built half a snowman (all while, singing the song from 'Frozen' in my head... you know the one ;)), ate the most delicious pizza ever, and generally just acted like the weirdos that we both are (it's so much better when you have a fellow weirdo to be weird with).

It was some of the most fun I've had in ages and, although I didn't leave the country, it got me so excited my future travels. I hope I get to explore some more places with this girl. She's a lot of fun :)



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