November Desktop Calendar

Original Image: National Geographic via Wallpaper Lounge

Being sick is the worst, am I right!? I've spent the past week in a dozy state and in bed with a rotten tummy– not fun! That's why this calendar is so late. You can blame that dodgy chicken wrap I ate, not me!

We've moved into Spring now here in the Southern Hemisphere and things are heating up. I have a feeling that there will be many sticky days ahead. Great news if you're into that sorta thing. Me? Not so much. I'll be spending my summer in an ice bucket, trying not to overheat!

I am however, quite fond of Summer nights. When the burning sun disappears but leaves the air nice and balmy. Ahhh, bliss!

This desktop calendar reminds me a bit of those nights.

You can download yours by clicking on this winky face: ;)



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