Source: The Guardian

Who would have thought that a little animated penguin called Monty could make a person feel so many feels!? But he did. And he made me cry. Like a baby. Allow me to explain...

Each year UK department store, John Lewis, produce a Christmas campaign, the sole goal of which I can only assume is to make the viewer weep uncontrollably. Making good use of that lethal child/animal combination, John Lewis's annual adverts tell touching tales about the importance of love, family, and friendship around the holiday period.

This year's story follows the friendship between an imaginative young boy and his "pet" penguin, Monty. Let's just say that I now want a pet penguin to curl up on my bed at night. That's an achievable goal, right?

Get ready to be hit with your first dose of Christmas spirit.

And here is last years advert... for good measure.



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