Melbourne Snapshots

Topshop was #1 on my go to list in Melbourne.

A few month's ago I went to Melbourne for an internship at World Vision's Australian headquarters. Although most of my time was spent behind a desk, I did get the chance to see a bit of city too. I'm not very good with pictures– I never remember to take them– but I did manage to get a few snaps here and there to share with you all! Enjoy!

Recognise these outfits? I went to the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at the
Australian Centre for Moving Arts and was able to come face to face with the
ACTUAL costumes from The Great Gatsby! AH-MAZING!

Melbourne seems to share my affection for a good cuppa. There are so many
tea stores! This one in Warburton was one of my favorites.

So many tea options!

Warburton is a quaint little town on the outskirts of Melbourne. Seriously
beautiful place!

One of my favorite buys from Warburton. She ('Dolly') now takes pride of
on my bed.

These are just a few of the MANY teapots that adorned this tea store in

Melbourne Central Mall was built around this old shot tower. It's so
weird seeing a building within another building.

Karl and Susan's house from 'Neighbours'! Yes... I went there. (If you don't
know,  'Neighbours' is a classic Australian soap opera I used to be seriously
addicted to!).

I thought this was so funny. Who knew Peter Jackson was into fashion? ;)

I went to my first Aussie Rules game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. I was
so confused!

The most beautiful mall I've ever seen! The Block Arcade.

The Hopetoun tea room. I had cinnamon bread and it was good!

Best street name ever! Melbourne was actually founded by a man named
Batman. Seriously. Google it.



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