Amster...dam I wanna go there!

The buildings, the colours, the scenery, the people, the culture– Amsterdam seems like a place I would like!

Like a lot of European cities, Amsterdam has its own unique style of architecture. And, also like a lot of European cities, they are so, so, so pretty!!

The Royal Palace

Amsterdam Central Station

Felix Meritis

I would love to take a good stroll around these places! The last two pictures show a typical Amsterdam scene– rows of colourful terrace houses perched beside the water.

Speaking of water, Amsterdam is full of it! Their canal system was designed way back in the 17th century mainly for defense, water management and transport, but today its only job is to look pretty– and that's job it does really well!...

The canals of Amsterdam from the sky

In the winter, when the water freezes over, people actually skate on the canals– how great does that sound?!

I'm not the most co-ordained person, but that wouldn't stop me from giving this a go! It looks like far too much fun to pass up!

Amsterdam is also known as the most bike friendly place in the world.

Everyone rides a bike! I think it must have something to do with the amount of bridges you would need to cross to get anywhere– bikes would probably be the fastest option! I imagine bikes are also one of the best ways to sight-see. You can get off the beaten track a lot easier and find some hidden gems that you might have otherwise missed in a car or bus!

Something I would love to do if I ever get the pleasure of seeing this great city for myself, would be to visit Anne Frank House which is located in exact house that Anne Frank hid in during World War 2! I am a huge fan of the book so to see where she lived, her bedroom and her actual diary in person would be such an amazing experience- one I'm sure I would remember forever!

Anne Frank's house (on left) and museum (on right)

Anne Frank House have actually produced an iPhone app called 'Anne's Amsterdam' that takes you around the city, showing you some of Anne's favorite places. There are also photos and videos that go along with each location, turning the city into one giant museum!! It's such a genius idea, I would have to try it out for myself if I get there!

Finally, on a sort of relevant topic... I love this song! –'Amsterdam' by Coldplay.

I think Amsterdam is one of my favorite places in Europe. It looks like it has so much character and such a different atmosphere to anywhere else. Of course, I can't say this with any certainty until I've actually been there! Hopefully I won't have too long to wait!!

Rachel xoxo


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