How I would spend a day in... Rome

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When I did my first 'how I would spend a day...' post back in May last year, I had the intention of making it a regular thing. Now here we are, eight months later, and I still haven't done another one! But today I am making good on my intentions! 
Ever since doing Classics in high school, I have wanted to go to Rome. In fact I nearly did!! Our whole class was scheduled to go there in year 13, but due to a little something called the global recession, those plans had to be shelved :(

So here is the trip that might have been... and hopefully still will! This is how I would spend a day in Rome...

Firstly, I would have to history-geek-out a bit because I don't think I could hold in my excitement for a whole day! I would have to check out some of the ancient sights and structures!
The Colosseum, Pantheon and St Peter's Basilica would be top of my list. They are all such interesting structures and seeing all that ancient handy work close up would be so fascinating!

The Colosseum.
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Inside the Colosseum
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The Pantheon
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Inside the Pantheon
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St. Peter's Basilica (source)

Inside St. Peter's Basilica (source)

I think one of the best ways to experience Rome is to take a tour around the city on a Vespa, 'Roman Holiday' style. It looks like so much fun and any opportunity to feel like Audrey Hepburn is one I could never pass up!

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Lastly for dinner I would have a pig-out on some authentic Italian pasta. If the pasta I had in Auckland was good, I can't imagine how REAL pasta made in Italy would taste! Argh, my mouth waters just thinking about it. I'm sure it would be a culinary experience to rival all others I've ever had!

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Of course, the restaurant would need to be just as quintessentially Italian as the pasta. I'm thinking a quaint little bistro down a cute little side street, with tables decked out with traditional red checkered table cloths. Yes, its not just a movie cliche.... they do exist! See...

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So, that's my dream day in Rome!

What do you think? Is there anything you would add?

Rachel xoxo


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