Obsessed With The 20's

The sequins and bead work on this dress is so beautiful (source)
As I said in my previous post, I'm kinda obsessed with Downton Abbey at the moment. And when I say "kinda obsessed", I really mean that I'm completely addicted! 
The culture of the 20's is so appealing to me. The sit down mealtimes, the respect that men had for women, the catchy jazz music, the energetic and happy dance styles, the magic and mystery of movies and movie stars, the exciting boom of creativity around every corner... I could go on and on, I love it all!
But it's the fashion and the glamour of the period that I like most. I love how they dressed as if every day was a special occasion... and here I am, still in my PJ's at midday– what would Violet say!?

Adorable (source)


She is stunning! (source)


I think I might start wearing headscarfs! (source)

I want these shoes! (source)

So pretty! (source)

Again with the sequins... I love this! source


Such a pretty headpiece. (source)

What time period are you "obsessed" with? Leave a comment below.

Rachel xoxo


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