Merry Vlogmas Everybody!

So you may have read the title to this post and be asking yourself "what the heck is vlogmas?" The word "vlogmas" is a combination of the words "vlog" (video blog) and "Christmas". Vloggers on YouTube participate by vlogging everyday life from the 1st of December right up until Christmas.

I have been obsessing over Vlogmas the past few days. In theory watching other people go about their day to day business may seem a bit mundane, but I tell you now. It. Is. Not. It is seriously addicting! I thought I would run you through some of my favorites. But be warned. You may end up just as obsessed as me!

I'll start with the British YouTuber pack. They are all good friends and tend do a lot of the same things together. At the moment they are all in Dubai (lucky them)! These guys (Zoella, Alfie and Jim) are just a few of my favorites, but there are so many more!

Zoe from MoreZoella

Alfie from PointlessBlog

Jim Chapman from Jim Chapman

Essie Button from essiebuttonvlogs

I have been watching Essiebutton for a few years now and she is by faaaaaaar my favorite YouTuber. She's a Canadian (real name, Estee) who lives in London with her boyfriend, Aslan. She usually vlogs about makeup and beauty related things but because its vlogmas she is posting her life. She is in Marrakech, Morocco right now for Aslan's birthday!

Judy, Benji and Julianna from ItsJudysLife

Okay, these last two may be cheating because they are not just doing vlogmas. They are daily vloggers, which means they vlog everyday of their life, all year round!

Judy, her husband, Benji, and their daughter, Julianna, live in Seattle, Washington. They are such a cute little family!

Jofee, Anna and Emilia from The Saccone-Jolys

Jofee (real name Jonathan), Anna and their daughter Emilia live in Cork, Ireland. Again, such an adorable family and Emilia is just the cutest little girl!

Who's your favorite vlogger? Let me know in the comments!



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