Ch ch ch ch changes

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I've never been a fan of change. I know a lot of people say this but I really mean it. Change and I do NOT get along. Never have. Probably never will.

In fact, I remember having a meltdown on my tenth birthday because I didn't want to be "double digits". The thought of leaving my single digit years behind forever freaked me out. I remember crying to my mum in the middle of my birthday party and wishing I could stay nine-years-old forever! THAT is how much I resist change.

Of course, this can be a dangerous trait. Avoiding change means I become complacent in my routines. It is safe to that I get very comfortable in my comfort zone!

I recently made a big decision to move away from my familiar surroundings. I moved away to sort my life out but it's right now it's feeling more unsorted than ever! Although the little voice in the back of my head occasionally reminds me of how much easier it would be to move back home, I feel like I need to give this new beginning a real shot.

So, here I am...

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Let's see how this goes, shall we? Updates to come :D



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