In Need of a Montage Moment

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I've been watching a lot of retro movies lately. I'm going though a bit of a 80s/90s phase. Did you know they actually made GOOD movies back then!? ;) Anyway, something I've learnt from watching these films (and some crazy cliched current films too) is that if you want to achieve something big you need a good montage! Corny music and all just like Baby in Dirty Dancing.

I think that's what I am lacking right now. If I could achieve all my life goals in a single three-minute series of action shots set to a Taylor Swift song, my life would be amazing! I would effortlessly achieve everything I set out to do. That would mean I'd be a full-time writer, living in an inner city apartment in London with great friends, raking in the money and living the good life.

Movie montages make achieving your goals look so easy! The sad reality is its not (gaaahhh, I HATE reality checks). This is something that I seem to be learning and re-learning over and over again. Goals often take a lot of work and many times there isn't a shortcut solution. Sometimes wanting something really really bad just isn't good enough and that sucks!

But there is good news. As soon as you take the first step to achieving your goals you will feel amazing, even if its only the tiniest baby step. And once you achieve what you want to achieve, the knowledge that YOU made it happen through all your hard work will be the best feeling in the world.



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