A little rant about Europe

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I LOVE Europe!

...but I'm sure you've already figured that out based on the amount of Europe related posts I've done (see my posts about London, the Eiffel Tower, Tuscany, European castles and Amsterdam)!
Honestly, I just can't help but write about this wonderful place all the time because everything about it resonates so strongly with who I am– my likes, my dislikes and my personality. Allow me to elaborate...

Venice (sourced from: Pinterest)

I think I have mentioned my love of history before. I love the thought of being somewhere that has seen so much. What better place to go and discover great historical wonders than the continent that contains some of the oldest civilisations around!?
These people have left an indelible mark on the area. Oh, the beautiful old buildings and crooked stone walkways; the monuments and statues to interesting and influential people; the unchanged landscapes spotted with old country cottages! I want to see and be amazed by it all!

Somewhere in Sweden (sourced from: Pinterest)

Speaking of being amazed... what about the museums over there!? Oh my gawsh! Where I live, it is rare to see a collection as special as what they have all the time at places like The Lourve in Paris or the British Museum in London. I am a bit of a facts nut and love finding out new and interesting things, so I would be in heaven at any one of these museums!

Paris (sourced from: Pinterest)

Another thing that I think is hard not to love about Europe is the wide array of differing cultures that are contained in such a small amount of space! I've heard that, as you cross the boundaries from country to country, the change is instantly noticeable.
Coming from a small island nation, the thought of this eclectic mix of people and culture is so exciting to me. I love discovering new things and I think Europe is definitely the place to do so!

London (sourced from: Pinterest)

I also love food. Well, it is more of a love/ hate relationship– I hate that I do but I cant help it, it's just too good– ladies, you know what I mean!
European countries are renowned for their delicious cuisine. French pastries and sweets, Italian pasta and pizza and Turkish Kebabs are just a few of the delicious treats I can't wait to sample in their place of 'birth'. I might gain a couple of pounds but hey, I think it will be worth it!

Vienna (sourced from: Pinterest)

What more can I say!? I truly believe Europe and I were made for each other and one day we will meet, I'm sure of it! But until then, I'll have to settle for the next best thing– blogging about it!

Rachel xoxo


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