Big dreams

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This blog is testament to the fact that I am a BIG dreamer! I have big plans for myself and I am determined to see them become a reality. I want to travel the world and experience new things... blah, blah, blah– you all know this by now!

Sure, I fill my little corner of the web with pretty pictures of beautiful places and I ramble on and on about what I love about them and what I would do if I was there but, as exciting as all that is, it is also really, really scary! The world is so big and I am so small; there are so many places to get lost– both physically and in translation!

This quote reminds me that being scared can be a good thing. It can mean that there is a big adventure ahead, just waiting to be had! I find that kinda comforting, don't you?!

Rachel xoxo

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  1. I do indeed! This is brilliant. Here's to us living the dream x