Landmarks- Egypt's pyramids

When I was around eight or nine I developed an obsession. I was learning about Ancient Egypt at school and found myself instantly fascinated by the idea of pharaohs, tombs, mummies and all the ancient traditions that came along with them (it's kinda funny, I've talked to so many people who also went though this same phase when they were younger– not sure what it is about this topic that makes it so universally fascinating)!

As some of the few remaining monuments to these times gone by, the pyramids captured my imagination. I enjoyed day-dreaming about how they looked when they were in their prime (I had heard they were fitted with big gold toppers that shined really bright in the desert sun) and was in awe of the sheer size of them. I just knew I had to see them for myself one day!

At 139m (455ft), The Pyramid of Giza can almost
hold its own next to the Eiffel Tower

Is it just me or do the pyramids seem like they come right out of the pages of a classic fable– like Aladdin or something? They are just so old, its almost as if you have to see them to believe they actually exist! Just look at them, they are so magical...

What do you think? I know it's a bit of an unusual holiday destination and it can seem a bit too 'intrepid' for some people's liking! Would you ever go there?

Rachel xoxo


  1. I was the same, and still am!! I dream about seeing them, I think they are so beautiful! I also love the idea of being somewhere where people lived their daily lives over 4000 years ago!! I get super excited about seeing the Mummy at the Auckland museum so I can't imagine how I will be when I finally get to see the pyramids!

    We could totally stop here on our way to London!! :D


    1. I agree, the history of it all is what makes it so fascinating but I think seeing an actual mummy in person would creep me out– it would be all old and decomposed and yucky haha!!

      We will definitely have to make a pit-stop there though– it will be so amazing to see them up close!