Take me with you!?

I'm at the age now (21) where a lot of my friends have decided to go on their OE's (Overseas Experience). While I am so happy for them, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of jealousy when looking at all the wonderful pictures they post on Facebook. Most of these pictures go something like this; they are standing in some interesting location I've been dreaming of going to for years, they are holding heaps of shopping bags from shops I love and they have a huge smile plastered on their face, an ear to ear grin that I can't blame them for having.
It drives me kinda nuts because I'm sure I want to travel more than anyone else (in my mind anyway)! Yet here I am, still stuck in this isolated corner of the world, thousands and thousands of km's away from the places I want to be most!

But thats just the way it goes. Its alright I guess, I know I'm gonna get there one day. In the meantime, I need to finish of my studies, get a job and save, save, save!! And when I've done all that, I can start my own travel adventures! Then I can be the person my friends envy– its gonna be so good!

Rachel xoxo

PS. Sorry its been so long since my last post, you can thank my tutors for that, they seem to like making all my assignments due at the same time! I've got through the bulk of it all now, so hopefully I will be posting a bit more frequently!


  1. I am exactly the same! Why do all these people get to go off on amazing journeys when I have to be stuck here!!

    I can't wait for our travel adventures!! We definitely need to get save, save, saving though! hahaha


  2. Our travel adventures are going to be so great, were gonna have so much fun! Can't wait!