Landmarks- Happy Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

Happy Birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge!!

Today marks 75 years since America's most beloved bridge was opened to the public and I must say, it looks just as beautiful today as it did way back then, don't you agree?!...

The Golden Gate Bridge on opening day, 27th of May, 1937
Seventy-five years certainly is a long time so, it's strange to think that there was a time when the iconic 'Golden Gates' weren't there, guarding the passage to the Pacific! I have found some pictures, which I think are absolutely fascinating, taken during the construction of the bridge all those years ago...

Something the bridge is known for is the clouds and fog that often surrounds it. It is apparently something about the positioning of the bridge that seems to make the mist gravitate toward it. This makes things a bit tricky for motorists but also allows for some pretty amazing pictures to be taken...

However, even when it's not covered in clouds it is just as pretty! Have a look at these pictures of the bridge, captured over it's 75 year lifetime...

The bridge in 1950

Members of the San Francisco Ballet pose in front of the bridge in 1957

A couple gets their picture taken in front of the bridge in the 60's

Fireworks during the finale of the 50th anniversary celebrations in 1987

People gather to commemorate the bridge's 50th anniversary in 1987

Reflection of the bridge in raindrops

The bridge during a storm

I want to finish with a confession. As someone who has never seen the bridge in person (as of yet anyway!), one of my only connections with it growing up was through movies and television. So of course, when I think of the 'Golden Gate Bridge', this instantly comes to mind...

I'm sure I'm not the only one, am I?!
I'm not ashamed though... I LOVED Full House, almost as much as I love that bridge!

Rachel xoxo


  1. Beautiful images!! My brother biked across it on his birthday! Haha needless to say, I was extremely jealous!!

    and yes I totally LOVED full house growing up too!!

    1. Oh really!? It seems like your brother is living my dream life over there, I'm super jealous too haha!

      Yay, someone else wo loves it! I just watched an episode a little while ago, it brought back so many memories!